Playground of England?


Kent is often described as the ‘Garden of England’, and although the county is reasonably green and partially decked I have never been too sure why this particular description has been used. However it would seem that one (not so) small corner is about to undergo a rapid transformation and become one of the most visited destinations in the UK.

Paramount Pictures, makers of such films as Titanic, Indiana Jones, Transformers and Shrek, are poised to open a new £2 billion theme park positioned just the other side of the Dartford Crossing, which once completed will be the 3rd largest in the world. Pretty exciting I guess, especially seeing as proposed rides include a Titanic themed rollercoaster (complete with water if not naked painting). Being next to Bluewater is another bonus but undoubtedly traffic at the Crossing will get significantly worse…regardless of how much they decide to increase the toll by.

Considering I will be 29 by the time the park opens maybe I should not be so interested in this, but as a large scale investment into the UK economy and the South East as a whole it is something I intend to keep up with 🙂


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