IMG_2428The topic of holidays has been at the forefront of my mind for the last few days what with me having to book time off work and hearing people talk incessantly about their own plans, and as a result I’ve been inspired to write what may be a pretty dull post…

Like most of the British population I enjoy getting away for a bit of sun and relaxation and in all honesty I have been quite fortunate with my travels, in that the maximum I have ever gone without a trip is about 18 months (although recently it seems I have been going much more frequently). But this year it seems that I will have to go without for various reasons, and I’ve actually decided I’m not entirely bothered.

Normally my trips tend to fall into 3 categories; wild(ish) trips with friends, mini-breaks with my immediate family or a week in Cyprus to visit my ex-pat aunt and uncle. All have their highlights although the mix of alcohol, scorching summer heat and usual nudity means I had sort of hoped I’d get another week or so abroad with my friend Jess this summer, but the fact she now has a boyfriend understandably negates this, and with my brother increasingly spending time away with his girlfriend it seems that I will be forced to rely on the British summer this year (ha).

As a backup I had the idea of spending a few months in Asia and Australia in order to experience some sort of gap yah, but my failure to secure a place on a graduate scheme means that in order to do this I would have to quit work and spend most of the money I have saved for a new car, so it’s a no go.

Pretty sure I’ve bored you all enough now, so I’ll sign off for now 🙂


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