Right well here comes my first car-related post, arguably one of the main reasons why I started my blog. I won’t drone on about my borderline obsession with all things car (for now), but basically I get a major hard-on for automotive news and reviews, in particular German cars and SUV’s.

This week then, my Christmas came 8 months early (or Easter a few days late in all honesty) when BMW released official images of their latest crossover offering, the X4. Effectively an attempt to blend the aggressive styling of a utility (ha) vehicle with the sportiness of a coupe, the car seems to offer an answer to what few customers were answering, and as such it would be easy to write the car off as technically excellent but fundamentally flawed.

But, whilst ‘true’ petrol heads may have this rather narrow minded view of cars like the X4 it is pretty unfair for them to deride a car which they are pretty unlikely to ever own, whether through lack of funds or desire…

In 2008 BMW launched the X6, a controversial car which while a relative sales success, did little to enhance their line-up because the price and size of the car meant it was out of reach for many buyers, it is by no means a bad car and I would love to own one but realistically I am more likely to choose the more practical X5, which will be cheaper to buy new or used. The X4 is a different proposition though, as it’s smaller size (and price) means it will become a realistic option for the mainstream market, or at least those at the upper end of it. I probably won’t be driving an X4 anytime soon but you can guarantee that it will be quite fuel efficient (sharing engines with the X3 and 3 Series), have a high quality and easy to use interior and will probably handle well for a car its size-say worse than a 3 Series but slightly sharper than an X3 or Audi’s Q5. Oh and that the £33k starting price will jump up quickly once options boxes are ticked.

I’m aware that for a car ‘review’ this has been entirely based on opinion and guesses rather than fact, but for most buyers all that will matter is that it has a BMW badge and a sporty image.Image


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