Soaps Post!

Of the TV programmes I watch, undoubtedly my most consistent viewing is of the ITV soaps. Hollyoaks is too vapid, Eastenders I have never got back into since its decline in the mid 00’s and has none of the humour which the 2 northern-based soaps provide. My relationships with both Coronation Street and Emmerdale can be pretty shaky however, and although I know that they cannot cater explicitly for my own tastes I do think that my views are usually aligned with the majority of the population.

Emmerdale (set in a small Yorkshire village incase anyone doesn’t know), is pretty dire at the moment…the recent change in producer seems to have shaken up some of the characters and has made some unlikely pairings (ie Marlon the lanky chef paired with Laurel the vicar’s wife) and has developed alot of unlikable ones. Most of my vitriol is reserved for Debbie Dingle, who at the tender age of 23 and the product of incest has already accomplished having/being: a teenage pregnancy, jewel thief, self taught mechanic, two businesses, a fleet of vehicles, own house, drug dealing, a prison sentence, lesbian affair, getting her first child through leukemia, birth of a second and is currently attempting to wreck the life of her ex bff/cousin for stealing her fiance, despite the fact Debbie herself did the same to her own mother. I accept that soaps have heightened reality and is not a representation of real life, but the character seems to have no redeeming qualities and is acted appallingly. Considering that even Gail Platt has had her comeuppance I would hope the producers of Emmerdale stop giving us these rubbish plots and up their game, otherwise I will be getting 6, half-hour slots back in my week.

Corrie is alot more light hearted and less frustrating, the Manc accent is alot easier to immitate and although Karl’s reign of terror is pretty unrealistic it pales to some of the ‘dales more unsavory characters’ goings on.

They may not be trendy to watch but I get a big chunk of enjoyment from these British institutionsImage


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