Finding the Wright Wheels

Cheesy title I know, but effectively that is what this post is going to be the start of. For as long as I can remember I have wanted my own car, now yes I have had 2 of my own but neither are ones I have chosen; before I was given my Fiesta I was desperately hoping for a handout from my mum for anything from a KA to a last generation SEAT Ibiza. When it came to my Astra I did at least buy it, but it was more a marriage of convenience buying it from my mum, who in turn had not chosen it for herself when it was bought by my dad.

Anyone who has read more than a couple of my car posts can make an educated guess that I am into SUV’s, and so after much saving and hard work the time has come where I am (nearly) able to afford one of my very own. Most people would say that somebody on a limited income and in their early 20’s should not dare to buy or indeed run anything other than a supermini, especially a luxury SUV. But the fact is I will not be satisfied with anything else, and my current car costs alot to run anyway; £800 insurance, 30mpg and yearly servicing costs of £350 coupled to repairs totalling £1k p/a makes for a lot of dosh, and whilst more to insure, other costs seem relatively similar (or even better if I get a good one), so I have narrowed my choices down to a (relatively) select few:

  • BMW X5 (yes I know I have said I can’t afford the insurance, but I have made some adjustments)
  • Honda CRV (2007-2012 model); boring but reliable
  • Hyundai Santa Fe; high equipment and quite attractive
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee (2005-11); great value but thirsty and cheap inside
  • Lexus RX400h; reliable but a smidge dull
  • Mercedes-Benz ML (2005-11); probably too expensive but very tempting
  • Nissan Pathfinder; rugged but abit crude
  • Volkswagen Touareg; thirsty but quality
  • Volvo XC90; abit safe but evergreen and classy nonetheless

Over the next few weeks I intend to review these cars (interspaced between other posts!), and hopefully get some sort of idea of which I intend to buy! Any comments from readers would be welcome!


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