Lotto Rubbish

In the last couple of days the topic of the lottery has been on my mind alot, not for any particular reason apart from the fact that the last episode of ‘The Syndicate’ was broadcast on BBC1 earlier in the week, and on Friday my friends posed me that old chestnut of a question, what would I spend my winnings on.

It can be easy to daydream away millions of pounds in your head, and the various paths which the characters in both the series of The Syndicate and the last have taken are probably pretty representative of what the majority of the UK population would do. So what would I spend an unspecified amount of money on? Well here’s a little list:

  • A house, pretty standard and what most people would buy. Mine would probably be somewhere in South Essex or Hertfordshire, 5 bedrooms, detached, decent garden, double garaged and the all important electronic gates. Pretty tacky maybe but it’s what I’d like to end up with anyway. £5mil
  • A second house? Well more specifically a holiday home. Location undecided but Florida, Cyprus and Spain all seem like places where you can grab a bargain at the moment. £500k.
  • Cars; Well anyone can probably guess I would have to buy several, but a Range Rover, RS5 and maybe something American could sit nicely on my new driveway. £200k easy.
  • Furniture/gadgets; pretty simply really, I’d want to fill my house with nice furniture and buy nice things. Not extravagantly so but £50k would probably suffice, if not a little more.
  • Holidays! Thailand, USA, Australia, South Africa and more. I’d need some stamps in my passport and probably around £50k if I want to take a few friends with me.
  • Now starts my generosity, my mum, nan and brother would get a good lump for property/cars/whatever, and similarly my close friends would get a nice nest egg. I could quite easily give away £3mil on a good day!
  • Any remainder I’d probably have to split between savings, starting my own business (property developer?) and a slice for charity.

I can’t even be bothered to tot up that little lot, but it easily exceeds £10 million without the extras at the end. But it doesn’t matter anyway…I don’t play the lottery and if my nan (the only person I really know who does so) was to win, her money would be handed out to any grandchild who rocked up cap in hand (ie not me or my brother).

Pretty pointless post maybe, but you can instead read at least the top half of that list as some of my life goals, or if you are one of the friends who asked me the question, give it a read as you just moved the topic on without listening to my answers 🙂


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