London Marathon 2014

For a change I have decided to do something charitable with my life! Yes that’s right I have today made my application for the Virgin London Marathon 2014. Now whether I am accepted or not is something that remains to be seen, as apparently only 1 in 7 are successful and given that this is my first attempt and my general luck, I would not bet on my chances of being accepted.

Come October however, and I will hear back and then be able to make a concerted focus towards training etc. Having said that, yesterday I attempted to reignite my fitness regime; a 6 mile jog around Trent Park left me feeling tired and a little achey this morning, but I don’t think that it was a terrible effort considering that I had not done any sort of proper exercise in around 6 months! I don’t intend to run again until probably Thursday when I am again in Brighton, so a beachfront jaunt is pretty likely and something I am quite looking forward to.

On the subject of running in Brighton, my back-up plan for 2014 Marathons is the one in Brighton itself, but being just 1 week before the London version means that I would probably have to make a decision about which one to complete, as I’m not sure how as a first time marathon-er I would be able to cope with 2 in 8 days! That said I will keep you all updated on my progress both in relation to running and marthon-ness.


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