Black or White

Shamone! Ok a poor Michael Jackson reference, but his is the song I am attempting to reference in the title of this post…with his song about racial equality being catchy and a permanent addition on my iTunes.

But when it comes it cars, their colour can be very important (sorry tenuous link there)…however car colour is something I have been thinking over recently-not just because of my upcoming purchase but also in regards to the vehicles I have been seeing on the road. Silver and black have long been the most popular colours, but white has made a suprise comeback recently to the extent that it is now the world’s most popular choice! Reds, Blues, Greens and Greys have fallen behind, with the likes of yellow and pink being understandably a tiny proportion of what car buyers choose.

Why is colour choice important? Well for starters an unusually coloured car can be quite difficult to shift when selling, or can at least lead to a lower sale price; bright colours like yellow can help a car stand out in the car park and does sometimes add to a cars image, but it takes a certain type of driver to appreciate them.

Sticking with one of the regular colours is ususally a pretty fail safe option, but even then a cars looks can suit different tones; white in particular I take an issue with as in an attempt to look trendy cars often end up looking cheap (which might be true considering white is usually one of the few free paint colours). So here is a brief (and entirely based on opinion) summary of colour choices:

White: previously a colour with a tacky/cheap image, white looks fantastic on a lot of cars but cheap on others. Cheaper cars with black plastic detailing should avoid white, and also cars with smaller wheels can end up looking too much like refrigerators. A M3 or Range Rover Sport are probably the best looking white cars in my opinion.

Silver: pretty boring and generic, but also a safe option. Silver cars hide the dirt well and whilst not expensive looking it does depend on the car in question. However you could loose it in a car park and not distinctive at all. Any car looks fine in silver, but a car with clean lines like an Audi TT looks very chic.

Black: probably my favourite car colour, but then I have not had to own a black car. Clean they look great, especially with tinted windows and large wheels. Black can help make a car look smaller and sportier, but again as there are so many it can be hard to spot in a car park. The main problem with black cars is the fact that when they are dirty it is very easy to see how filthy they are, and the same goes for parking dings (as my mum has discovered). A Mercedes S Class looks imposing and classy in black, but even a Fiesta looks good.

Blue: the colour of my current car, I think that blue is underrated. Bright enough to stand out in a car park but also hides the dirt well, blue is a colour which suits a lot of cars and can come in lots of shades; maybe found more on mainstream cars as opposed to premium ones, blue is a colour which tends to hide dirt and also looks sporty in brighter tones. BMW’s Le Mans blue looks good on any of their models (for example the Sports Exclusive Edition of their original X5).

Red: forever associated with Ferrari, red cars are abit of a mixed bag; bright shades can either appear sporty and fresh, or are specified on cheaper cars and in non-metallic versions tend to fade and look horrific. However they stand out and do hide dirt moderately well. A Ferrari 355 is one of the best looking cars ever, and one of the few Ferrari’s I like.

Grey: Very similar to silver, but grey cars are a little more subtle and stately. A previous generation Range Rover or current Discovery 4 look ready for both country and city in grey.

Beige/Gold/Yellow: a difficult one, as in the UK few cars are seen in these colours. I am not a massive fan of because they tend to show more up of the visual bulk of a car, but sporty models can suit yellow as they scream attention (unlike beige and gold). I will group orange in this category too, but the only car I can really picture in the colour is the Focus ST…which looks fantastic!

Green: Definately one for the older buyer or more traditionally styled cars which suit the colour more. British racing green is probably the most famous shade…a classic colour for an MGB

Brown: very few cars are sold in brown, but the Bournville coloured Land Rovers are a great throw back to the 1970’s.

A special mention has to be given to matte colours, which are making waves amongst aftermarket paintshops and are now even being offered from the factory in some cars like the Hyundai Veloster Turbo. Sleek and standout, a matte colour such as black or grey looks great on luxury vehicles, but ultimately is expensive to order and maintain (as you cannot actually wash the car).

Given all this, you may think that the colour of my next car is going to be of upmost importance, but to be honest it will likely be whatever is cheapest!


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