Let’s go to the beach (beach)…

For anyone wondering about the lack of posts over the last few days I apologize, I have again been down to Brighton to help my nan settle in her new flat…namely by assembling some flat-pack furniture she had ordered and also running her around to various stores along the south coast of England.

As the place of my Mum’s birth and where the majority of her side of the family live, I have a strong affiliation with the city and am well aware of the highs and lows that it offers both tourists and the people that live there; Brighton is a strange place as it is filled with such an eclectic mix of people that it is hard to pin down how it manages to appeal to such a wide range of inhabitants.

Being a seaside resort obviously has its appeal for many people, a long pebble beach and plenty of ice cream stalls is something it has in common with many towns along the coast of the UK, from Bournemouth to Bognor Regis…well actually further than that as those are both on the south coast! The Victorian architecture (mixed with 20th century concrete) also makes the city picturesque in large parts and adds to the classy feel that alot of the town has…many of the rich and famous have houses along the seafront or close by. Nightlife too is pretty good, as the large number of students and also much of the UK’s alternative scene (from gays to grass root hippies) means that there is something to appeal to most visitors and locals.

Of course Brighton also has its negatives…the traffic system is abysmal and the one road in/out of the city gets clogged everyday for no apparent reason apart from sheer volume of vehicles, and on a sunny day it can take infinitely longer to get to the seafront. Alot of people who have lived in Brighton for a long time resent the huge numbers of people flocking to the city; I can’t comment personally but oftentimes the pier, seafront and city centre can seem like hen-party central, and this has contributed to a tackier side. It is also pretty pricey because of its popularity, both in terms of property prices and how much eating out etc costs.

I while ago I actually thought that setting up home in Brighton might be something I could do, and it is a lovely place to live (for the most part). But I guess I am spoilt living somewhere that has easy access to shops, public transport and indeed the rest of the country via the motorway network. Maybe when I am older I could reconsider moving to the seaside, but until them I am very happy living on the edge of London.


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