A victim of its own success?

One of my long standing favourite cars is the BMW X5, in fact I have already written another piece detailing my love affair with the big Beemer, and also my frustration with the fact that my insurance quotes for the car were nearly double anything else.

The X5 is a popular car by anybody’s standards…on my run today I saw in excess of 20 of the first generation model either being driven or parked-bare in mind that this was just a 4.5 mile route on a Sunday morning and its evident that the vehicle’s merits and image have won many fans. Curiously though I saw much fewer of the other cars that I am considering…several ML’s and a couple of CR-Vs/Jeep Grand Cherokees, but none of my other choices appear to have made any impact on the motorists of Winchmore Hill. Is this a bad thing? Well you could argue that the car’s popularity is more because of the age of the design and resultant lower prices, and judging by the drivers I saw inside the cars this seems to be correct.

File:2003-2006 BMW X5 (E53) 3.0d 02.jpg

This, coupled with the fact that I thought the X5’s I saw today looked abit dated (the first time I have done so), makes the car less appealing as my next choice…to an extent. The car still out-handles every single car I have looked at so far, its performance is good and its interior still packs a quality punch despite a few dated details. I have also re-looked at my sums and it seems that insurance for the X5 can be had for a more reasonable £1500…only £200 than my current favourite the ML and £500 more than the XC90 or RX400h. Adding the fact that there are plenty of X5’s available for my price and it becomes ever more attractive despite the expensive insurance.

my future view?

Will I submit to my desires and purchase an X5? Well I would still like the chance to test drive it, even if I am pretty sure that I will fall in love with the BMW at the first bit of open road I come across.


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