She Walks Like Rihanna (just about)

In a change of post I’ve got to share a song that has been in my head for the last week or so. I am by no means the biggest fan of The Wanted…they are pretty odd looking guys from the North of England (and one from Ireland) and the ‘fit’ one used to date Michelle Keegan from Coronation Street, so by default I hate him.

Michelle Keegan…nuff said

However their songs are annoyingly catchy enough for me to really like them, usually after I’ve avoided them for a few weeks or even months. ‘Gold Forever’ is one of my sing-along songs for my journey to work, and the others I at least hum along to when they come onto shuffle. I decided to bite the bullet and listen to their new single ‘Walks Like Rihanna’, and quelle surprise I really like it. To music snobs, I am sure the song has very little substance…and it even irks me when bands use other artists’ names or imagery to gain publicity (ie Moves Like Jagger), and whilst I generally like Rihanna’s music I think she is an appalling role model whose ego is already pretty damn huge!

The music video was released today, and like the song it has received mixed reception. Again it is by no means a masterpiece; the ‘plot’ revolves around the band hiring an attractive music video director who can’t sing, can’t dance (evidence of which is in parts of the video), but she ‘walks like Rihanna’. They put forward their own ideas for the video, which include take-offs of N*Sync, Backstreet Boys and E17…before ultimately performing in a music video which looks like most of their previous ones (complete with scantily clad director flirting with the boys).

Backstreet’s Back…alright?

Look at it for what it is, abit of light-hearted fun, and its merely abit cringey but humourous on some levels. Take a closer look and the painful product placements for bottled water and Samsung start to grate! But regardless the song is catchy and for The Wanted’s female fanbase they get to see them in vest tops and pouring water over one another, so I’m sure they’ll enjoy it.

(Link below)


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