Jurassic Park IV…fourever delayed?

Far and away my favourite film of all time is Jurassic Park…not only is it thoroughly entertaining but in terms of film technology it heralded a new age of CGI graphics for the movie industry, and to my mind the film doesn’t look dated at all (apart for some of the clothing choices of the characters!).

possibly my favourite scene in a film EVER

I won’t go too far into my love for the JP franchise in this post as that’s not the point, but the last few years has seen renewed interest in the films after over a decade of inactivity. Admittedly 2001’s Jurassic Park III was no masterpiece, but it still generated enough profit and tie-ins that many assumed that at least one more film would be made…indeed rumours have been around since then about a follow up or even a new trilogy.

After years of speculation (and the refusal of those involved in the films to rule out a sequel), the death Michael Crichton (author of the books and the screenplay of the original film) seemed to destine any potential JP4 to the scrapheap. Although Crichton’s books were only used as a basis for Jurassic Park  (and to a certain extent The Lost World), the reinvigoration of the franchise would have benefitted from his input on some level. However in 2010 rumours abounded of new hope for the film, complete with a sketchy plot about dinosaur soliders.

apparently a model of one of the dino-soldiers

Apparently this got to the modelling stage, but in 2011 Steven Spielberg announced that discussion was underway and with any luck the film would be getting made eventually. A director was hired (Colin Trevorrow) and it was announced that the film would be released in June 2014…not that far away for a film whose cast or script had not been finalised. Even as recently as last week, Trevorrow tweeted a picture of filming locations in Hawaii and confirmed that the new film would be set on the original island, which has not been revisited in either sequel.

the visitors centre in the original film

From a fan’s perspective I was over the moon, not just at the fact that the film would be set on ‘Isla Nublar’ but that it’s release was so close, relatively speaking. But I guess I ignored several issues such as the lack of cast, which for a big blockbuster is probably something that would be needed more than a year in advance of the film’s premiere date, so when Universal announced yesterday (8th May 2013) that the film’s release has been pushed back indefinitely  I was gutted but not overly surprised. Apparently they want to get the film just right, and so rushing it to get it released next summer was unwise given the popularity of the franchise…I can see this and in all honesty I would not expect to see any form of the film till summer 2015 at the earliest :/

What do I want from the film? Well I loved the original and the books so much, that I would rather see a remake of the original film, complete with all the plot elements and gore that were missed out of the 1993 film. I know that this is an unrealistic idea, as to make the plot believable it would have to be set in the late 1980’s/early 90’s like the original…in the days of Google Maps and iPhones it seems unlikely that anyone could create a secret theme park, much less get stranded on an island without any phone lines or *gasp* internet connection. Instead I just hope that some of the aspects of the original survive into the new film; a new dinosaur ‘villain’ has been mooted but I never saw anything wrong with the T-Rex or original Velociraptors. I’d like to see lots of the abandoned park and visitors complex…the sequels made it interesting to see the ruined labs of ‘Site B’, but I’d rather see a garage full of pristine Ford Explorers, dusty stainless steel kitchens and a rusty Jeep where Nedry (the fat nerd) met his death. A few of these elements might be picked up on, but overall I just hope it is a good film which does the franchise justice…and in the meantime I can always catch the original film in 3D come August!


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