Diet Cokeheads

One of my more unusual hobbies is collecting unusual drinks containers…well I say this is a hobby but I only have about 4, so I’m not yet at the stage where I need a Hoarders-style intervention. But it does make Coca Cola’s new marketing strategy one which immediately calls out to me…both as a drinker of Coke and as a bottle-collecting weirdo.

The ‘Share A Coke’ campaign has seen 150 popular names printed onto Coke bottles in attempt to capture the imagination of customers, the ‘share’ aspect coming from the fact you can buy 2 bottles for £1.50…1 for you and 1 for a friend. Having a name which has been in the top 10 British names for god knows how long, I am pretty confident that I will be able to find a ‘James’ somewhere in a supermarket!

a shame my name isn’t Ben…

Is it that makes me something more likely to choose a Coke over other soft drinks? Well Coke’s position in the market means that it already has a strong advantage over competitors; Pepsi may have big budget celebrity endorsements but there are few people who would, at the same price point, not choose Coke. No the Share campaign is more an effort to strengthen Coke’s reputation as part of modern society and raise its brand value-especially with the massive use of social media in this campaign.

Those whose names are a little more unusual, or maybe who just cannot find their name on supermarket shelves, can attempt to get one when the Coke tour starts this summer…or they can satisfy themselves by creating a can online and posting it on their Facebook.


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