Body Beautiful Blues

Abit of a change of track from cars (just briefly don’t worry) and revisiting my efforts to improve my fitness and body image. Before you start to get images in your heads of me as some 20 stone piece of lard, I do in fact have quite a reasonable body which nobody would call unfit (in a fitness sense I mean). But for me that is not enough…I guess being bombarded with images in media has meant that despite undeniable improvements to my physique over the years, I still see myself as having a child’s body.

I’ve always had a fast metabolism and a lack of interest in physical exercise left me really thin and relatively untoned…this changed abit in my teenage years but once I started university I started to take an active interest in improving my fitness levels, at first by doing exercises by myself with dumbbells I’d bought, and in my final year I plucked up the courage to join the campus gym.

I’ve always had an aversion to gyms despite their undeniable benefits.For a few months pre-uni I joined the local leisure centre one on a pay-as-you-go tariff, and although I did enjoy it I always found the atmosphere pressured, with equipment often being taken up and the free weights area being completely dominated by huge muscle men (i.e. I never dared use it). University was a little better though, and going at 7am when the gym opened usually meant that the machines were free and I did not feel intimidated.

An important aspect of fitness is nutrition, and when cooking for myself I had a reasonably good idea of what amounts of protein, carbs etc I was eating, and of course not working meant that I could try to eat lots of smaller meals-which is what you’re supposed to do. In a desperate attempt to bulk up I switched from protein shakes and creatine to a weight gainer…I maybe gained a few kilos but I don’t think my eating plan was in any sort of order to ensure the best results.

Post-uni? Well I kept up the at home exercises for a month or two but circumstances combined to make me lose my determination, and I ended up dropping about a stone in weight and losing most of my muscle. My current job is active to a degree and I eat quite healthily but I feel like I have lost my way in a big erm way, and it gets me down.

To an extent this is my fault…Facebooks targeted ads clearly remember looking at supplement websites and so I constantly get hints about muscle builders and quick 6 packs. Equally my random fitness kicks (which usually last 10 days or so) mean that I still follow a couple of supplement pages on Facebook, so the temptation is always there to start again…or maybe it just rubs my nose in it. Why don’t I get my butt in gear and join the gym? Well in all honesty as I finish work at 10am it would be easy to pop in on the way home a few times a week, but my finances hold me back. A nice gym in Enfield is about £85 a month and even the leisure centre commands prices of around £55, a smaller one has recently opened with prices as little as £20 a month, but I am still hesitant to commit to the money when I am still saving for my car. Nutrition wise too an investment of about £100 would need to be made initially, with probably an extra £50 a month to go on other supplements and additions to the weekly shop.

This whole post has probably seemed a bit whiny and full of excuses, and believe me I know it is. But that is why I have written about it, as with my current fitness cycle now getting to the month 1 stage I am hoping that I can build the momentum to keep it up, and hopefully after I have bought my car I can develop this into a real life change. Twice weekly runs and 3 days of doing press/sit-ups probably isn’t enough to give me the arms and torso I really want, but I can already see some minor improvements…maybe eventually I’ll build up the courage to post some horribly poseurish pictures, but for now your eyes are safe readers.


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