Out of Reach

No not a post about Gabrielle’s 2001 hit song, but rather a list of a few cars which for one reason or another did not make it to my final selection process.(anyone remember Gabrielle btw? She wore sunglasses and had a droopy eye apparently). Some of the reasons are probably pretty obvious, but I’ll try and be as brief as I can be ūüôā

Audi Q7:¬†The Q7 is a brute of a car, and one I have had a crush on since the Pikes Peak concept debuted in 2003-in fact I did a school project on it! The only questionable thing the Q7 does (for me at least) is that fuel economy in early models is a little sub-par. But that doesn’t really matter as I’d need a budget of at least ¬£15k to get one. Ouch!

BMW X3:¬†In some ways the X3 would seem to be the answer to all my dreams; not much smaller than the X5 yet with all its brand kudos and complete with cheaper running costs. It’s not even that expensive as 2006 models easily fit in my budget. But its pretty ordinary inside and outside is questionable…plus for the same price I could get an X5 which is just 1 year older (and comes with leather, nav, an automatic etc). Simply outclassed, though its successor is pretty much spot on (but way out of my budget).

BMW X5 (07 on):¬†It’s pretty easy to guess why I can’t get the current X5, its money plain and simple. With an aggressive appearance, class-leading interior and efficient engines, the second X5 improved on the original in all ways. But being released in late 2006 means that early cars are priced at ¬£15k, and whilst I would chose it over a Q7 (I think), I can’t afford to double my budget.

Ford Kuga:¬†In some way the common-man’s Range Rover Sport; sporty to drive with a nice interior and striking looks it has been a great success for Ford. Practicality is lacking abit but the split tailgate is a nice touch, but it’s the ¬£9k price which prevented me from seriously considering it, with closer to ¬£10k for a tidy example.

Jeep Commander:¬†There aren’t many Commanders for sale at the moment, but that’s probably down to the fact it isn’t a very good car more than anything else. Basically a slightly larger Grand Cherokee the Commander was a bit of a flop for Jeep. It looks better (just) but is thirstier and shares the same awful interior.

Kia Sorento:¬†The original Sorento actually looked OK for a budget SUV, but it ran like a pig and was very slow. The current car is 100x better and is a car I would genuinely consider, if the used prices had not remained quite so far. In ‘3’ trim the car is stunning and offers everything I could want…for ¬£18k(!)

Land Rover Discovery:¬†It might be a surprise that considering my love for SUV’s that there are no Land Rovers that I am considering. The Discovery is pretty much flawless besides being thirsty and having a plasticky interior, but prices for high mileage models start at around ¬£9k and those cars will be base¬†specification¬†with a manual gearbox. A HSE model costs upwards of ¬£11k and the much improved facelifted Discovery 4 would set me back double that. Plus there is the reliability worries…

Land Rover Freelander:¬†The second generation Freelander is a much improved car over it’s predacessor, it has a better interior, more sophisticated driving experience and is relatively cheap to run. Problem is that everyone knows this, and ¬†even a base car would cost upwards of ¬£8k and a HSE over ¬£10k. For a compact SUV that is too much considering the other options.

Land Rover Range Rover: I’ll revisit the full size Rangie in a post all of it’s own soon, but in essence it is too expensive to buy and run, as well as having very questionable reliability.

Land Rover Range Rover Sport: Another JLR product, and another one out of my price range. Despite its chavvy image I love the Sport, as do buyers which is probably why I’d need ¬£14k to sit in one.

Nissan Murano:¬† Striking styling and great value (¬£5k) are not enough to over-rule the petrol V6 only Murano…and even then I’d only consider the first generation version and not the fugly current car.

Mercedes R Class: I have a special place in my heart for any R Class, and it gives the cheapest entry point of a Mercedes SUV with that V6 diesel, just £9k. But the questionable styling and sheer size are a no-no.

Mercedes GL Class:¬†It’s amazing what a taller ride height and chunky bumpers will do to buyers; the cheapest used GL is nearly double the price of the R Class (¬£17.5k) despite the cars being fundamentally the same underneath. Shame.

Mitubishi Outlander:¬†I’ve already said my piece on the Outlander, and maybe if examples were a little cheaper then I would investigate further, but I’d always wonder what would have happened if I’d splurged an extra ¬£500 on top of the ¬£7k and gotten an XC90.

Porsche Cayenne:¬†I really like the Cayenne despite it’s face…actually I don’t think it’s all that bad *cue hate*, but although I could deal with the car’s looks I don’t reckon I’d be able to stomach the fuel consumption of the V8 engines. The diesel didn’t come around till 2009 and still commands ¬£22k, the V8’s are a lot cheaper at ¬£8k but 20 mpg on a good day makes me wince.

VW Tiguan:¬†I am not VW’s greatest fan…but the Tiguan is not a bad car at all. Slightly gawky looking sure, but it is a classy competitor for the smaller SUV class and has a relatively posh badge. But as a newer model the cheapest cars are still around ¬£10k (too much for what they are).

Volvo XC60: Oh another Volvo, and another great Volvo. Replacing the XC90 as its top seller, the smaller XC60 is just as classy but more modern inside and out, and is much cheaper to run too. Around £11k does not appear too bad considering the youth of the car (2010), but for a 2WD base model it would sting knowing I could get its bigger brother for much less, older admittedly but a 2009 XC90 is do-able at that price point.

I’ll probably revisit some of these cars on this list at points, but for now I shall leave it here…apart from the Rangie will I will try and blog about this week.



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