Birthday Post!

Another year and another birthday for me. That’s right, 23 years ago today (May 16th) I entered existence and for the second year in a row I am not excited at all about it.

me aged 5

I guess once you reach a certain point in life birthdays stop becoming exciting, and I’ve definitely reached that precipice of feeling old(er). To be honest I’ve never been one for birthdays and my lack of social life means that today’s celebrations will extend to staying in and sharing a meal with family. This might sound a little sad, and originally I was going to go on a night out at the weekend with a few friends, but circumstances mean that it will be at least a couple of weeks before I get chance to celebrate properly-by which time it may seem a bit pointless, and I am not overly fussed by it anyway.

May 16th is a great day to have a birthday though; I used to think it was the first day of summer, being midway through May…a month that does not fall clearly into Spring or Summer (or at least it didn’t to my younger self. Far away from Christmas to space gifts out and not far enough into summer to have friends away on holiday, but unfortunately it has also tended to be slap bang in the middle of exam periods…from Year 6 SATS, to GCSE’S, A Levels and even University exams, it has been inconvenient at times. I do however share the day with such glamourous celebrities such as Pierce Brosnan, Megan Fox and erm Tori Spelling.

me at a more memorable age

I only intend to do one more post today, and because I will be away until Sunday that will likely be my last post for the week. So for anyone reading this, have a great weekend!


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