Birthday Aventures

A new week and my birthday seems like a distant memory, as they always seem to do whether you’re aged 5 or 95. As expected the day itself was pretty non eventful…a morning to myself involved exercising and a trip to the bank in Enfield Town. Sometimes I beat on ‘the town’ for being too small with a limited number of shops…and in particularly for being filled with the spillover from Edmonton (read ghetto), but in comparison to other places.

a flattering picture of Enfield Town

My birthday afternoon I visited one of these other places, the glorious Essex town of Harlow. For those who haven’t heard of Harlow…well a trip to Wikipedia should tell you all you need to know, don’t feel the need to visit! Thankfully I was able to balance out this trip with Friday’s excursion to Bluewater. I can’t quite put my finger on what makes that little corner of Kent my personal shopping heaven, but I guess its the fact that it has basically every shop you could want (except Primark), a classy atmosphere and ample parking.

Bluewater in full glory…it’s even symmetrical!

From Bluewater I continued down to Brighton and my Nan’s new flat in Kemptown. One of the major problems I have with the new building is the parking; her old flat had plenty of spaces outside, even if you had to end up parking in the car park over at the back. The new property has a multi-storey garage underground, with around 10 spaces in total!! I have taken to parking across the wall, but if this is taken then I literally have nowhere to park (outside is permit only). More of a worry has been the limited height of the car park-even my current car threatens to hit the roof when the boot is open, and vehicles above 1.93m simply won’t be able to get in; thankfully all of my short list fall below that height but only just!

The South Coast is a pretty place to visit, even if you just go from one retail park to another like I tend to do. From my Nan’s we drove to Shoreham and onto Worthing…probably 2 of the most boring towns I have had the pleasure of driving through, but I guess for retired folks and those looking for somewhere quiet it would suffice. We also took delivery of my Nan’s new furniture later on in the day…an error in ordering meant that she has ended up with a massive 4 seater sofa to replace her 3 seater, which she thought was too big anyway! All is fine though and the new stuff looks good and is comfortable.

a decent view from my run

Yesterday (Sunday) I completed another beach front run. I have several routes that I try to stick to when doing my running; Enfield has a good selection of country parks and Trent Park is always relatively easy to navigate and get to. For quick runs I stick to the pavements of Bush Hill Park and Winchmore Hill, but my longest (and favourite) route is definitely the Brighton one. For anybody who knows Brighton and Hove, my run takes me from around mid-way through Kemp Town down to Palace Pier, then along the upper promenade and straight along to the King Alfred Leisure at Hove. My run back is the same but I stick to the beach level path, so it ends up being about 5.5 miles which takes me 45 minutes (with a bit of a breather half way). I’ve no idea if that’s a good pace, but I am sweaty and tired at the end of it!

my route

A quick walk into Brighton city centre later in the day was not too exciting, and I failed to add any purchases to my birthday spending…I could probably quite easily have had a spending spree in Hollister, but I refuse to shop in the Brighton store because of the appalling experiences I have had there in the past (rude management, ripped and dirty purchases, and refusal of refunds). A quick roast dinner and drive round the M25 saw me back home in London by 5pm!

one of Brighton's current features...interesting

I know this has been a pretty boring post, but I thought I’d update the blog about what I’ve been up to…and for anyone looking for their car fix, I managed to park next to this lovely XC90 this morning at the garden centre…it got me jealous

XC90 R Design...I want!


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