Myocardial infarction…

For anyone not able to use Google (or can’t be bothered), myocar…whatever refers to a heart attack. A pretty grim topic unfortunately, but also the title of the latest semi-fluffy pop song to grace my iTunes library and one that is quickly gaining play count, to my embarrassment.

Yes, The Wanted’s ‘Walks Like Rihanna‘ has finally moved out of my ‘Recently Added’ playlist and has subsequently become much more of a pain to find, but after over 200 listens it had become tiresome anyway. But when I first watched the ‘WLR’ video on YouTube, my attention was drawn to links suggesting I listen to Demi Lovato’s ‘Heart Attack’ seeing as I enjoyed the warbles of Max and the gang, and whilst I didn’t click on the video it did at least permeate my stream of thought.

I can proudly say that I have never listened to one of Miss Lovato’s songs before, either in part or fully. Maybe I should not judge her based on the media image I’ve been presented with by gossip websites, but her brand of Disney/wannabe rockstar/Jonas Brother-esque music hasn’t appealed, and whilst her minorly publicised descent into drugs/rehab was quite interesting to read about, since the girl has cleaned herself up and gotten a gig on the US X Factor, that interest waned.

a still from the video…pouty

As I don’t tend to listen to the radio at all (instead relying on my iPod transmitter in the car), I have to actively keep up with the latest songs via websites like Digital Spy, and seeing that Heart Attack reached number 2 on Sunday’s charts, I decided to give it a chance…and I am won over to be perfectly honest. I don’t profess to have the greatest taste in music (or even any idea what to listen for) but even I can tell that Heart Attack is a pretty simple song that relies on catchy lyrics and a powerful chorus. Undoubtedly there is also a good guitar riff running through, and Demi’s vocal talents are evident in the notes she hits in the booming ‘Heart Attaaaaaaaaack’ that punctuates each part of the song.

dirty hands much?!

For a song about hearbreak, or the build up to it, the music video is surprisingly dull. Lots of wind machine action, black ink and close ups of Demi’s admittedly lovely smile mean that visually there is little to go with the storyline that the lyrics suggest, but the more artist-focused look actually works because the song is a damn near power ballad.

I doubt that Heart Attack will manage to conquer Daft Punk to top the UK Chart this weekend, but it has certainly won me over…I’m not saying I will look into Demi Lovato’s back catalogue of music, but I will at least give any forthcoming tracks a listen.

PS Fun fact (which I knew before writing this article FYI), Demi’s real life half-sister is Juanita Solis from Desperate Housewives! I loved that kid!


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