Car Search Oopdate

Yes I’ve turned northern for a second…well actually I quite often lapse into a fake Midlands/Yorkshire/Irish/Welsh when the mood suits, but anyway there goes my attempt to make this post interesting to those not really that interested in my quest for SUV ownership.

The Lexus has slipped to a distant 4th position; arguably it would the easiest car to run but it is not a car I actively want…for technology and running costs it’s great and I’m sure that for a lot of people it would be the choice they would make, but for me it is unlikely I’ll partake.

The other contenders are a lot harder to separate and I have gone so far to ask members of the Volvo, BMW and Mercedes forums what their opinions are. No word from any XC90 owners yet but the X5 has emerged on top amongst Bimmer drivers and surprisingly Mercedes owners too!

My personal favourite is the ML because of it’s modern design and silky V6, but it’s high prices mean that it would be a stretch for me to buy. I did see a decent looking example for £9000 the other day, but that quickly vanished…I will have to keep an eye on things though.

The X5 offers pretty much everything that I want…aggressive looks, sporty image and tight handling, all for a price which is within my budget. What’s wrong with it? Well insurance is going to be alot more expensive, the design is over 13 years old and a lot of examples will have been under maintained by buyers…

Probably the most sensible is the XC90; the Swede is practical, cheaper to fuel and insure and can be had for more reasonable prices. There are a couple of problem areas such as AWD system and drainage, but on the whole XC90’s are better looked after than either German rival. My main concerns are maybe abit trivial, but the original 163bhp engine is a massive worry and is apparently dangerous at roundabouts and junctions (both of which I encounter daily!). The brand’s image is a little dowdy too…in fact I had a windscreen repair man laugh at me yesterday when I mentioned getting a Volvo!

Hoping to arrange a test drive of each in the next month or so…keep an eye out 🙂


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