Fromage a la 80’s

OK a quick top 5 to give a break from car spiel…and the topic I’ve chosen is my top 5 cheesy 80’s movies. We’re not talking anything remotely tasteful or relevant to today’s culture, but all are probably worth a watch even if you weren’t born in the decade that taste forgot:

The Goonies: No list of 1980’s films is complete without a mention of The Goonies. With Steven Spielberg as executive producer and Chris Columbus as screenwriter it was unlikely the film could fail. Maybe it isn’t as cheesy as some films on this list, but it’s filled with 80’s cliches and spawned thousand of memes with the ‘Truffle Shuffle’ and Sloth remaining icons of pop culture even today. The plot might be a little thin but everyone needs to see this film.

Just One Of The Guys: As crazy as Amanda Bynes now appears to be, ‘She’s the Man’ is one of my favourite high-school films and in fact helped me grasp A Level English (Shakespeare at it’s best!). Just One Of The Guys is essentially the same film but 20 years beforehand. A teenage girl dresses as a boy to fool her new school and help her get onto the school paper (her sexist editor wouldn’t allow it before). Obviously hi-jinx ensue and she falls for her new friend, and still has her old beau to contend with. Funniest here is the puerile brother of the main character, who gets lots of great lines. If you can bear gender-swap comedies this is a decent one.

Troop Beverly Hills: Strangely a film that seems relevant even today, despite the horrific shoulder-pads and dated references/in-jokes. A high society housewife faces divorce and decides to fill her time by leading her daughter’s girl-scout troop. There are quite a lot of famous faces in here, ranging from Tori Spelling to Stephanie Beacham to Rosario from Will and Grace! There is of course a nemesis in the form of a rival troop leader, but all ends happily. Here is a taste of COOKIE TIME :

Revenge of the Nerds: Like alot of college-set comedies, Revenge of the Nerds involves a bunch of misfits setting up their own fraternity, eventually becoming popular, losing it all and then redeeming themselves at the end of the film and defeating the ‘popular’ house. Lots of questionable techno music, loud shirts and hairspray date the film, but it has become a bit of a cult classic and managed to spawn 3 sequels (one of which I’ll admit I’ve seen). Many reboots have been mooted of the franchise, and whilst there are none in the pipeline at the moment, eventually somebody will finance it I suspect.

Teen Witch: In 15 years time people will be including High School Musical in this list, but for those who were tweenagers in the late 80’s, I suspect that Teen Witch would have ruled supreme. Hilarious because of the cringey musical numbers, yet strangely addictive and catchy, the film is predictable but inoffensive in plot (unpopular girl gains magical powers, becomes popular, loses true self and at the end decides she is better off as herself and also gets the guy). The rap sequence is what drew me to watching the film, but don’t fear there are plenty more LOL moments to be found. look how funky he is!



This list is by no means exhaustive, in fact I know there are cheesier films out there, but these are ones I have seen and are at least worth 90 mins of your life.  ALL of these can be found on YouTube in full, so give them a search 🙂



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