GL 22yo F WLTD(rive)

I was careful not to use the title ‘Girl’s Toys’ for this article, lest it be stumbled across by people better suited to the Ann Summer catalogue, but having said that the one I chose sounds abit like a profile page on or something. Regardless, as you can probably guess this post is a short list of 5 cars that I feel that the average 22 year old female would like to drive or already is. This is by no means a list of cars I consider to be girly, as all are great cars in their own right and shouldn’t be pidgeonholed.

Audi A3 Cabrio: As with the boys list, an Audi A3 is a desirable car for any young person looking for a desirable small car with decent running costs and a quality interior. But whilst the hatchback version is likely to appeal more to males, the fairer sex would probably be keener on the less harsh lines of the cabrio version, as well as it’s ability to offer drop-top motoring. The A3 cabrio (and it’s Golf cousin) are quite unique in that when the top is up it still looks like it’s hatchback version…so basically less awkward than rivals. Classy and popular enough be found for reasonable prices new or used, the A3 is a great choice.

Fiat 500: The 500 has been a massive success for Fiat…so much so that they were able to re-enter the US market with the car. Cute looks, compact dimensions and cheap enough to buy that it’s in the grasp of alot of buyers mean that the car is what a lot of female drivers will be after. Downsides? Well it’s not exactly inspiring to drive, and any aspiring businesswomen could probably find better motorway cruisers. I would say that the 500 has unisex appeal, but apart from the Abarth version it really doesn’t-however for anyone looking for a cutesy city car it’s pretty much spot on.

MINI: The 500 is by no means alone though…the MINI has it’s own retro charm in spades and comes with better handling, engines and interior to beat. All variations of the car have been huge successes not just in the UK but all over the world, and nobody can really go wrong provided they can cope with the mass of buttons inside and lack of space. One, Cooper and Cooper S models offer a range of performance levels, and all manage to get great fuel economy-3dr hatchback, Cabriolet and Clubman bodystyles also give a great choice, and there are other variants for the buyer with a bit more dosh. Arguably the MINI hatchback is classless and genderless, but I still predominantly see females in the drivers seat; it would be hard to class the cabrio as anything else than a ‘girl’s car’, but I’m happy to be proved wrong. First generation hatches are now seriously cheap, so any girls looking for a classy alternative to a cheapo Ka should give the MINI a long hard look.

Peugeot 206 CC: Not sure anybody could call a 206 CC ‘butch’, but it certainly has it’s own charms. Based on the attractive if dated 206 platform, the CC was a great success for Peugeot and has spawned a good few rivals from other brands, as well as a successor in the form of the 207 CC. Why have these failed to make the list? Well the 206 version is by far the most attractive and popular, and even though it has been out of production for quite a few years I still see a fair amount on the road. Usually high specced and with room in the back for lots of shopping bags, the 206 CC is a great option for the sunseeker on a budget-just don’t get a tarted up one or hang pink dice from the rearview mirror…seriously.

VW Beetle: OK so lots of people will probably write the Beetle off as another ‘chick car’, and whilst to be fair that is exactly what this article is about, neither should it be written off quite so quickly as purely a car for girls, or indeed a bad car. The first generation is essentially a less-practical Mk 4 Golf, with a curvier dash and a flower vase mounted in the dash *shudder*. There was also a cabrio version with terrible visibility. Would I recommend any male or female to purchase an original ‘New Beetle’…probably not, although it is at least a distinctive and relatively well made car. But the current generation? Well that’s an entirely different question; chunkier on the outside and available with lots of retro cues, the recently launched car really steps up it’s game and is finally a car which can compete with the likes of the MINI. Sure it’s pretty standard VW inside but who minds that? Any lass’ lucky enough to be in the market for a new car circa £18-21k would do well to take a look at the Beetle, and I wouldn’t judge any guys who take one for a test drive either.


I hope that list hasn’t come across as horribly misogynist or that girl’s should only own certain cars, because believe me that’s really not what I think. But those are just 5 cars that I would probably recommend to any of my friends who asked for my opinion…not that they probably would (grrr), but not everybody wants to drive around in a Range Rover!


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