Apples and Spares

As previous posts may have suggested, I am/was a massive phone buff, but for nearly 5 years I have owned just one brand of handset, and essentially the same phone given the relatively small differences between each. Obviously I am talking about the ubiquitous iPhone…a model I was originally very sceptical of but quickly adopted as an extension of my very being! Maybe that’s an overstatement but I do tend to have my phone with me 24/7.

I won’t deny that part of the attraction in getting an iPhone was the fact that it is undeniably a ‘cool’ device; metal accents and a minimalist design mean that everybody knows what an iPhone looks like, even if many other phones have similar detailing. I actually had the original iPod Touch and before that several other iDevices, so it was an easy transition into ownership of an iPhone, and despite having been tempted at times to go elsewhere, Apple keep reeling me back in.

not my iTunes fyi

Why you ask? Well there are 2 major reasons why I am hesistant to move away from the Apple brand. One is the integration that my phone has with the rest of my devices and importantly my iTunes library; playcounts are stupidly crucial to how I listen to music, and being able to combine my music player with my phone is a godsend. Yes I know that virtually every other phone in the marketplace has it’s own music player very similar to the iPod app, and there are plenty of other music centres (thats if you don’t stream music), but I am heavily invested in iTunes and by extension the iPhone.

My second reason is abit more debatable, but also probably the more important as it has made me loyal rather than dependent. It essentially comes down to Apple’s policy on returns and warranty. In the last 5 years I have had 3 replacement phones gratis, and another 2 for a combined £170; which is pretty amazing whichever way you look at it. My original 3G somehow got water damage after 18 months (so out of warranty), but was replaced by a lovely elderly Apple store worker in Regent St. My iPhone 4’s home button went on the blink and so was swiftly swapped for free, and just last week my iPhone 5 decided to start misbehaving with it’s lock button…and I walked out with a dent free phone and a new charging cable too! Battery replacements for £50 are expensive considering the price of a new battery, but cheap considering the price of a factory fresh phone, and even when I broke a screen (out of warranty) it was only £120 (much less than what I’d have shelled out for insurance over the years).

Alot of critics would say that I have merely been brainwashed, as the phones should not have developed these faults in the first place, but in all honesty I don’t think that I would have been able to (or brassy enough) to get a replacement Samsung Galaxy S3 had gone wrong. And out of warranty? I’m pretty sure that I would be looking at getting a new phone if I’d dropped one into water or a kitchen floor. Maybe I have paid for my replacement phones in other ways, and maybe my experience is not typical of your more careful iPhone owner (or one with insurance), but last week’s events have reignited my fierce loyalty to the iPhone. I may not get the 5S whenever it’s released, but I’m certainly excited to see what 2014 brings for Apple’s flagship device.

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