Keeping Track of Things

Apologies for the repeated failure to post 😦 but hopefully I’ll be able to keep those of you interested in my running happy. The last week or so has been pretty busy, with me staying late at work a few times, a quick visit to Brighton at the weekend and then into my new work hours this week. As I’ve more than doubled the amount of time I spend under M&S’s corrugated iron roof it has obviously become a little more difficult to dedicate time to things like blogging and exercise…well the former anyway.

this person is clearly faster than me -.-

Actually I’ve been relatively good at getting to grips with keeping fit, thanks in part to a new app I’ve found for my iPhone, named ‘MapMyRun’. Previous to a few weeks ago I had always used my iPod Nano as my music provider on my runs…admittedly not all of my songs fit on it, but the clip design is extremely handy and means that I can just get up and go. The Nike+ app on that generation of Nano is ok, but it lacks the GPS connectivity to give accurate results, and so was saying I had run about 2.5 miles instead of the 4.5 that I knew I had done.

this is not me unfortunately

For my birthday I got an armband for my iPhone, well actually for the 4/4S but it just abouts fits my iPhone 5 in it. Although not from a snazzy brand or anything it still does the job, and means that I can track my progress both en route, and over a period of time compared to other runs/routes I have done. MapMyRun is just one of many apps out there, but it is free, has a quirky little American voice giving feedback every so often and also enables progress to be tracked against other users and oneself. Oh and it lets you post to Facebook so you can rub your physical prowess in the faces’ of lazy friends 🙂

Although I have not repeated any of the runs I’ve done, the app has certainly made me up my game and push myself a little further in regards to how fast I am completing my miles; I started off running a mile in 8mins 05 seconds (on average), and my most recent jaunt I managed 7min 52 seconds, not bad considering that it was also my longest run yet, at 5.4 miles. Although I’ve restricted myself to the leafier areas of Enfield and Brighton seafront so far, thats not to say I don’t intend to push my sights further afield…in fact I quite fancy attempting to run up to work (about 6 miles), but then the matter of getting back rears it’s head.

a few hours after my run this was Brighton seafront…misty!

In other fitness news I’ve begun my weights again…it’s shameful how much I’ve neglected that side of my fitness since my uni days. I still intend to join a gym again eventually but I thought it important to regain some level of muscle ability so that I don’t get completely embarrassed and intimidated when I eventually do go. 5kg dumbells aren’t that heavy by any means, but they are a start I guess.

Anyway, if anyone has the iPhone app and wants to add me, here is the link:



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