Summer Sun

It’s finally happened…the UK has actually gotten some decent weather! The last two weeks has seen a pretty solid run of warm temperatures and sunshine, with millions of Brits across the country taking advantage and sunning themselves or indulging in activities reliant on good weather.

my car tells no lies 😦

However, I am pretty convinced that it’s these few weeks at the end of June/beginning of July that always end up getting the nicest weather; certainly for the last 2 years I have had the misfortune of booking a holiday at this time, and have ended up missing the glorious weather, and a couple of years before that I also did the same thing and ended up sweltering in a plane sat on the tarmac as we were delayed by an hour.

I intend to live in the garden for a while!

With me working extra hours I have not been able to make as much of the good weather as I’d like to have done, and in fact I was supposed to have had 6 days holiday this week and instead ended up working 8 days out of the last 9! But thankfully I have managed to squeeze in a BBQ and arranged to have this week off instead. That’s right…I haven’t got to go back to work until next Saturday! Pretty damn pleased seeing as though I was starting to get really down about my lack of holiday this year.


With the good weather supposed to continue, I will still strive to come inside and make a few more posts on here…I have a few car-y ones in mind and with more money in my bank account it seems that a new purchase is getting steadily closer (or is it, I will explain in a later post). I also have my brother’s graduation to attend; drinks at the Waldorf  Hotel and a meal at the famous Oxo Tower restaurant await!

Ciao for now 🙂

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