Room 101

Given that this is my only chance at making a ‘101st’ post I thought I’d use the opportunity to make a Room-101-style post about what I would like to banish from this worldly plane. Obviously I could probably go on for ages ranting about things that bother me about everyday life and to be quite honest I was really tempted, but given the fact this blog is normally about cars I thought I’d stick to 5 models which I could do without, whether they be pointless or just not to my liking.

#1 Volkswagen Golf

A controversial start to proceedings with one of the world’s best selling cars; I accept that the Golf is technically an excellent car with a long heritage and classy image, but does it have to be so idealised by the entire world?! Cars like the Astra, i30 and V40 can often be glossed over simply because of the curious lure of the VW badge. I guess with the Golf going into room 101 it would give other manufacturers a chance to tempt customers with more innovative designs, and maybe let VW themselves up their game abit in terms of styling.

#2 Audis with fake grilles

OK maybe this isn’t a specific model in general, and equally it’s not really Audi’s fault that some people have modified their cars quite so horrifically. Maybe it’s just one or two examples I’ve been seeing close to where I live recently, but grafting Audi’s corporate current grille onto an older design just does not work at all, especially when it is combined with obviously aftermarket LED lights and spoilers…calling these cars ‘Halford specials’ would be kind. An original A3 and TT are the offenders I see most often, but I am sure that there are some other cars around (as a quick Google proves) – nothing redeems them

#3 Morgan

A whole brand as opposed to a mere model, Morgan is a company whose existence thoroughly confuses me. Basically their range consists of archaic cars with wooden platforms and Ford/BMW engines. Only the Aero 8 was designed in this century and is horrific to look at. Clearly I am not the target market for these very expensive cars, and maybe they have their charm to those who miss the golden days of motoring, but just how they are still in business I don’t know. Oh and their latest model? A three wheeler!

#4 Smart ForTwo

I’ve already spoken about my disdain for the little Smart car, and in many ways I actually like the fact it exists and applaud Daimler for persisting with a project which continues to lose them money. Ugly to look at, with a horrible gearbox and prone to being driven by douchebags, the ForTwo could be a lot better (and successful) if it simply tweaked a few details and lowered it’s price somewhat. Until then I will cringe each time I see one on the road.

#5 BMW 1 Series

Again I have spoken about my dislike for BMW’s smallest model, and in many ways I dislike it for the same reasons that I dislike the ForTwo; namely challenging looks and the type of people who drive them. Maybe if one of those two problems were eradicated then I would look more kindly on it; if it were pretty then I could understand people buying the car, and equally if it was just an ugly car that was only chosen by enthusiasts I’d probably root for it somewhat, but as it stands it is nearly exclusively driven by people who have chosen it for the BMW badge. Undoubtedly this is the purpose of the car, and BMW aims to entice buyers to start at the bottom of their model ladder and over time work their way up, but had they put a little more thought into it (or merely put their glasses on) they may have realised that it’s a beast. It may drive beautifully, but most people don’t even realise it’s a RWD car and will just moan when they skid in the snow…as blasphemous as it is, maybe the new Mini-based 1 GT will be a better bet for most.


If anyone else has any other suggestions comment below (pretty please!) 🙂


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