A Hiring and A Hiatus

Just a quick post in follow up to a couple of posts that I’ve made recently, for anyone who is concerned with any spoilers I’d avert my eyes from this point on.

Firstly we have the finale of the current series of The Apprentice; I was really surprised that Neil did not make it past the interview stage, and even more surprised that Leah managed to win considering her tinpot cosmetic surgery clinic idea. All of the 5 ideas that reached the final stage of the competition were presumably chosen because of the fact they all featured ‘trendy’ industries. Cupcakes, Mobile Apps, Zumba and Cosmetic Surgery joined the old favourite that is the property market in a line up of ideas which seemed abit stale…especially Jordan’s weird attempt at getting an investment for a business he had no involvement in, but still it was funny to see them all take a beating against the likes of Claude and Margaret.

Although Neil was fired because of his idea, I actually felt that it was one which could work given the right marketing and positioning. Autotrader is a hugely popular way of advertising cars, so much so that many buyers use only it in order to search for cars they’re interested in. Websites like RightMove and Zoopla already feature huge lists of properties from different estate agents, so why not add a new variable into the mix like private sellers who wish to get more money themselves, but ultimately provide buyers with better value on their purchase. Maybe I’m looking at it abit simplistically, but to be honest I feel that given the economic situation of many buyers and sellers it might hit a bit of a sweet spot in the market.

Luisa and Leah were by far the most competitive candidates once Neil was out of the equation and again I was surprised that Luisa did not win and instead the Irish blonde managed to win Lord Sugar’s investment. OK maybe Luisa’s idea was abit muddled…creating a bakery brand/wholesaler hybrid was not that clear to the experts or Sugar himself, and she did mess up her pitch a little bit. Leah on the other hand was very cool and calculated in her efforts to succeed; yes ‘NIKS’ was abit of a stupid name but otherwise the presentation was very business-like and similar to what I’ve seen from other cosmetic surgery providers. Although more distasteful I guess I can see why Lord Sugar went with Leah’s company, but I personally think that ‘Sugar’s Treats’ would be an ace name for Luisa’s bakery business.


Heading back to Hollywood and fictional Ohio, news from the Glee camp about the news surrounding Cory Monteith’s death has been released and as expected it was an overdose…alcohol and heroin to be precise. Chasing the dragon is not something I’d have expected from an actor who built his reputation as a wholesome highschool singer, but it’s pretty clear that Monteith had his demons and hopefully his family and Lea Michele will be allowed to grieve in private as she has requested. More interestingly to me (as harsh as that sounds) was the news about the future of the programme…and to be honest it’s a future that seems pretty shaky if you ask me.

Ryan Murphy and Lea Michele

Ryan Murphy (Glee’s creator) has stated that the premiere of the 5th series will be postponed to allow the cast time to grieve, yet it will debut a mere week after it was supposed to and will at first continue as normal, wrapping up various storylines that had been left untied at the end of series 4. Whether they will feature Lea Michele is unclear, but no doubt if she does appear then it will be in a reduced capacity. Episode 3 will be the one where the character of Finn is laid to rest and the cast and crew provide a public mark of respect for the actor. I imagine that it will be quite hard to watch the actors (especially Michele) cry real tears for a real friend. After then who knows, because Murphy has stated that everyone involved needs to have a long think about the future of the show – whether it can continue or whether the death of one of the most important cast members can be overcome. Given the declining viewing figures of the show it’s not out of the realms of possibility that the show will not return, but I guess we will have to see.


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