Best Song Ever

For those who have not heard One Direction’s new song the title of this post might seem a little misleading…I mean I know that my previous song reviews have included The Wanted and Demi Lovato, but surely even I would refuse to bow down to the might of one of Simon Cowell’s pet projects. Instead ‘Best Song Ever’ is the title of this typically catchy pop song, and one which will undoubtedly be filling ears across the country for the summer.

However, I hope that this doesn’t suggest that I don’t enjoy the song and that I’m going to jump on the bandwagon of slagging off one of the biggest bands on the planet at the moment. From a purely technical viewpoint (ie one I am totally unqualified to make), the song is a pretty simplistic ballad which makes use of a catchy chorus and Who-esque piano and guitar riffs to infect the senses. In fact the lyrics are so easy to remember that even I managed to sing along after a mere evenings-worth of listening. I can picture hundreds of screaming tweens shouting out the words to this song at a 1D concert and to be fully honest I would definately sing along in a nightclub (especially if it was a very dark club). Yes the lyrics in question are cheesy, and talk about the boys forgetting the song they were dancing to with a fit (if snobby) girl called Georgia Rose – ie the best song ever!

The song isn’t actually an official single (yet), more a promotional track to publicise 1D’s concert movie which is coming out soon. I won’t comment on the rise in these type of films, but I can just say that I will NEVER watch one of them! The song’s video plays on this idea of the boys conquering Hollywood and in fact was one of the things that drew me to the song even before it’s release. A series of trailers was released showing the  members of the band in various costumes and prosthetics, and in the process ripping on various trends in the media in both the UK and USA from the last couple of years.

The video opens with Niall (the Irish one) dressed/made up as an Alan Sugar lookalike record executive, with Tom Cruise’s awful Len Grossman making an appearance alongside him as an enthusiastic manager (or something)…well actually it’s Louis (the one people forget) dressed as Cruise, dressed as Grossman, but he was so effective that I actually thought it was Cruise until I wrote this post! The American accents aren’t bad (yet), and then the real-life band come in to have their meeting with the pair…led in by none other than Zayn Malik in full on drag! As probably the most unambiguously macho in the group it was probably wise to cast Malik as a rather convincing girl; I can’t see it going down well if Niall or Louis had taken the role. The same goes for the horrifically camp Louis Spence-alike played by Liam (the stupid one), as there are enough rumours about the band for the media to have a field day if any but these two took up the girly roles.

A camp/nerdy marketing guy, played by Harry Styles (the Mick Jagger one) tries to convince them they have to change their image to suit the US market, including learning a cheesy dance routine and wearing boyband specific clothing. All very tongue in cheek, and obviously the boys decide to take their own back by clowning about the office (interspersed with scenes from the movie that’s being promoted). In the end there is a big dance number, in fact the dance described by ‘Liam Spence’ and dressed in the clothes suggested by the geek. Although this is all pretty cheesy, and in a very similar vein to Walks Like Rihanna in that the both groups are playing themselves at some sort of idea-generating meeting.

It seems that every new video by artists nowadays seems to break all records in terms of views on Vevo, and this is one of them, currently standing at the top of the figures having had 12.3 million views within 24h. I wouldn’t take this to mean anything as the number of fans that 1D has is phenonemal…even I watched that video within that time frame and whilst I enjoy some of their musical productions, I am by no means a 1D-er.

I assume that if/when the song is released it will go to the top of the charts, unless Blurred Lines is still being bought by people who have somehow managed to avoid it , it’s definately worth a couple of listens at least!


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