I have a confession regarding my iTunes library…my ‘Most Played’ playlist includes not 1 but 5 Lady Gaga songs…one of which is even an instrumental! That’s right I have probably listened to Stephanie Germanotta’s dulcet tones blast out more lyrics than any other artist in my library. I mean admittedly this is my 4th version of iTunes but even accounting for the plays I previously amassed my ultimate most played song is undoubtedly ‘Edge of Glory’, with ‘Just Dance’ and ‘Bad Romance’ strong contenders too.

My first listen to a Gaga song was back in 2007 when she was featured in an episode of The Hills. Now disregarding the utter mess of a show that launched Lauren Conrad, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt into their 5 minutes of fame (for those of you who havn’t seen it imagine TOWIE with better looking yet blander Americans), I quickly downloaded the track and it raced up my playlist before settling at number one after not too long at all. With 9 months Lady Gaga had gone global and the song now topped the charts all over the world – I still remain abit smug that I ‘discovered’ her before she went mainstream, but to be honest watching a highly rated MTV show is hardly ‘discovering’ an artist!

As Gaga’s original ‘The Fame’ album was released, with the ‘Fame Monster’ following not too long after, more and more songs found their way onto my iPhone and also into the charts, and whilst I only enjoyed a few songs from ‘Born This Way’ they were still good songs filled with catchy lyrics and good chart performances. However I hasten to add that despite liking a good proportion of her songs, I am not a massive fan of Lady Gaga per se. There is only so much crap somebody can spout on about how they are making something much more than music before they start to get on my nerves, and with Lady Gaga seemingly trying to cover every single base for the sake of being ‘different’ and ‘controversial’ it starts to grate on me to the extent that I avoid reading about her.

Her latest album ‘ArtPop’ takes this a step further, offering up the suggestion that she is now making ‘Art’ rather than mere music, and that her actions influence popular culture far more than many other mere singers. So far only the lead single has been released, early in fact after she made a horrific fuss about snippets of the song being released online, and it’s called ‘Applause’. The song itself has failed to win my enthusiasm too much but it is a grower. Like ‘Judas’ from her last album, I’m not too sure that I won’t end up skipping it on shuffle but equally it is not the worst song I’ve heard in recent weeks and has already done quite well in the UK charts (no doubt thanks in part to her Little Monster fans).

Gaga was one of the first artists who really helped to build up the anticipation for the release of not only a new song, but the accompanying music video too. Whilst her first couple of singles had more conventional (ie normal) music videos, the likes of Paparazzi and Telephone introduced the world to the eccentric mind of Lady Gaga, and many of the songs from the ‘Born This Way’ album were treated to full visual experiences, some lasting over 8 minutes! The video for Applause is only as long as the song, but is extremely quirky and features numerous costume changes. As there is little story it won’t make much sense for me to recap it in full, but envisage Gaga as a swan, a greek Goddess and in a bikini shaped like pair of hands for much of the time and you won’t go far wrong.

It’s worth a listen but to be honest I would be hoping for abit more before any other songs join my Top Played playlist.


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