From Paris to Berlin…via Ibiza

It might have become clear by now that my musical tastes are definitely not high brow…I mean humming along to a popular song on the radio is one thing, but for multiple songs by One Direction to have entered my top 30 playlist on iTunes must mean that I have a love of cheese and catchy disposable pop similar to a tweenager. Now obviously I would disagree and indeed a glance at other tracks in my music library would reveal a very mixed taste ranging from a few pieces of classical to lots of 80’s cheese and power ballads.

The song I’ll be reviewing today though is neither cheesy pop (from any era) or anything resembling culture, rather it is a piece of over auto-tuned electronica fuelled by dying celebrity dreams and loads of cough syrup. That’s right it’s Paris Hilton’s newest single ‘Good Time’, featuring the droll tones of Lil’ Wayne in what might be one of the biggest sell-outs by a ‘hardcore’ artist in recent years. But as you might have already guessed…I kind of like it!

Without recapping Paris Hilton’s rise and continuing fall from fame in too much detail, anyone who is too young to remember (or somehow missed out on the mid 00’s) might need a wee refresh on the former queen bee socialite of the celebrity scene. With a famous family name and barbie-esque looks, Paris burst onto the celeb scene in the early 00’s by appearing on lots of red carpets and dating B List boybanders. A ‘leaked’ sex tape and reality show with bff/frenemy Nicole Richie helped her star rocket up to the stage where she had numerous reality shows, film deals and product lines on the shelves. However I guess the media reached saturation point with the numerous engagements/DUI’s/plastic surgery rumours that followed Miss Hilton around and now she has been reduced to making appearances on Eastern European Big Brother programmes (true) and calling the paparazzi herself (possibly true). One can only hope that the Kardashians will one day suffer a similar fate but given Kris Jenner’s uncanny talent to keep her family in the headlines this remains a mere pipe dream for now.

As with any reality star with an ounce of ambition, Paris started shaping herself a career in other lines of work to keep those 15 minutes going on. I actually thought she did alright in ‘House of Wax’ and to be fair her appearance in the film probably brought in more ticket sales with the trailers screaming ‘See Paris Die!’, but ultimately bombs like ‘The Hottie and the Nottie’ helped destroy any hopes of a career in acting. But in terms of music her first single actually didn’t do too badly in terms of charting…’Stars are Blind‘ got to number 18 in the USA and a credible number 5 in the UK – I actually think the song was pretty good for a relaxing summer hit and although autotuned and simplistic (of course). Other singles did not do so well though, although I didn’t find ‘Nothin’ in this World‘ to be too bad a song for all it’s pervy video. Since then though, Paris seems to have been spending her time gaining a bit of a reputation as a club DJ…maybe not the hardest job in the world but with a world-famous DJ boyfriend (Afrojack) and a summer residency in Ibiza it seemed that another music release might be on the cards…

The surprising announcement that she had signed to Lil Wayne’s record label was probably the first sign that ‘Good Time’ was going to be a love it or hate it kind of record and boy does it not disappoint. A supposed big club banger, the song focuses on effectively enjoying yourself on a night out and getting drunk, screw everyone else; lyrics like ‘are you having a good time? ’cause I’m having a good time’ are about as deep as things go in terms of lyrical prowess, and Lil Wayne’s rap verse seems as awkwardly placed as it it could ever get…I mean it doesn’t even sound like he is singing about Hilton, more like Kim Kardashian with her ‘big butt’ (although the reference ‘all she know is f*ck suck’ could arguably refer to either). But despite these horrifically conflicting ingredients the song does sort of work, a little, maybe?

Maybe the video will help save the song and help make it a surprise hit? Well as much as I don’t dislike Paris or her music she doesn’t make it easy for herself. Effectively spending her portion of camera in bikinis and rubbing her (admittedly fit) body whilst smirking at the viewers does not a happy audience make…Lil Wayne seems similarly miffed as he sits there in Primark sunglasses harping on about how he ‘don’t know what’s what’. As a dance record though there isn’t much expectation when it comes to videos, and at least filming what effectively seems like a massive house party does not seem like the worst idea for the song.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that the song isn’t quite as bad as reviewers and music snobs might let you think; I doubt even Paris herself would describe the song as anything else but something for drunk people to make out to in nightclubs across the world. Had it been released by anyone else then I doubt the growing negative press  the song is getting would have given it a moments thought, but Paris Hilton is a figure of hatred for many and a symbol of the excess and celebrity which continues to grip the masses, so anything she does is bound to attract comment. Anyone who isn’t quite so bogged down by that baggage should give the song a listen and decide for themselves.



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