Just a quick post but one about arguably the most important small car to launch this year (BMW i3 included); that’s right there is a new MINI in town and unfortunately it seems that the new model is as awkward looking as spy shots suggested. I am not the world’s biggest MINI fan but I do have a soft spot for the company and their cars thanks to quirky styling and awesome ad campaigns (doubtless I will cover them in another post one day soon).

2015 MINI

I am especially fond of the controversial MINI Countryman…a shocker I know, but the quasi off-roader from the German/British brand is a car I’m really keen on for my Mum to replace her Jazz with – she won’t because it’s horrendously expensive compared to similar vehicles, but it’s a nice pipe dream at least. She might be a bit more likely to buy a ‘normal’ hatchback, but as the first and second generation MINI’s have lacked 5 doors they have been ruled out on practicality grounds.

2015 Mini Cooper: This Is It

With the launch of the third generation car it seems that that little faux pas is going to be remedied, but has also lost it’s cute looks in favour of a gaping grille and startled headlamps much more in tune with the MINI Rocketman concept of a few years ago. Firstly it is a fair bit longer than previous MINI, and that length seems to have appeared over the front wheels as the overhang is huge! There is presumably a fair bit more room in the back too, as those extra doors will need to justify their existence, plus there is a few more litres in the boot too.

2015 mini rear tail

The boot isn’t actually too bad in terms of design to be fair; the chunkier lights and badging look quite nice and retro, and inside the slightly more modern controls look to be a lot easier to use than the clunky controls of yore…plus the speedo has been relocated to the steering column rather than merely around the central display as before. But I personally just can’t get over that gaping mouth and stunned headlamps – and remember that is coming from somebody who rates the original Porsche Cayenne as attractive!

2015 mini dash interior


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