Xmas time update

As it grows ever closer to Christmas it seems that I’ve been updating this blog less and less, for which I apologise. The last 10 days or so have been pretty hectic but at the same time unremarkable; I heard back from Telefonica and to my disappointment (if not surprise) I once again failed to gain a place on their graduate scheme. To distract myself I’ve been hard at work getting last minute bits and bobs for the Yule-time celebrations; I won’t say what I’ve bought my brother or his girlfriend as they sometimes read this blog – although they are currently on holiday in Germany, but my Mum is going to be the recipient of an iPad Air amongst a few other things. I am pretty sure she has no idea but am hoping that she will love it as much as I would!

Otherwise is has been work that has taken up the vast quantity of my time as retail in December is among the worst places in modern society to be. Rude, aggressive customers, mammoth deliveries which mean starting my shift at 4am, grumpy staff members and just a general atmosphere of chaos all contribute to ever increasing stress levels; Marks and Spencer have not helped this at all by laying on huge discounts in order to attract last minute shoppers wanting a bargain, although there is a lack of certain stocklines which will likely displease them! Anyone in the UK who still needs to get some shopping and reads this pre-Xmas, well the 30% off all clothing remains in place until tomorrow when it will go back to being only applicable to knitwear, nightwear and accessories.

Obviously I am aware you are all dying to know any updates on my new car situation…or maybe more likely were relieved I had not mentioned it until now! Regardless it appears that I am again down to 2 cars, both of which have featured heavily throughout my search for different reasons; the original BMW X5 (E53) has long been a favourite of mine and in all likelihood is the car I will end up with, with the second generation Mercedes ML (W164) following behind because of it’s higher price, yet compensating with a more modern design and feature set. I will spare you a direct comparison for now but essentially the X5 manages to tick all my boxes (apart from an iPod connector) for a reasonable price yet is let down by an aging design, questionable image and finicky boot mechanism; whereas the ML seems like a great all rounder but costs more to buy and has a control layout that would take more getting used to (parking brake/gear selector etc). I have sat in both cars and was underwhelmed by a tatty example of the X5, but a good example might be enough to sway me away from the more familiar ML.

Anyway we will see what the new year brings in terms of test drives and hopefully before January is out I will have my new vehicle 🙂 In case I don’t post again before Christmas hope everyone has a good one! 😀


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