Random Car of the Day

The title of this post pretty much sums up what I’m going to write about today…anyone remotely interested in cars knows what I’m talking about, that moment you see something out of the ordinary in traffic and for a split second are transfixed however rubbish it is in reality.

Today’s rare find actually occurred only a few hundred yards from my house and was in fact a version of a car that may soon end up on UK roads if Ford gets it’s way; that’s right today I saw my very first Lincoln MKX, effectively a rebadged version of the popular Ford Edge that has sold in North America since 2006. The MKX is a pretty striking car considering it’s relatively generic form factor and undemanding market place, so I reckon that a fair few people took notice of the white and chrome mess that breezed down the A10 at 2.30 this afternoon.

The Lincoln nameplate is not as familiar with many Brits as GM’s Cadillac, but nevertheless a Lincoln Navigator stretch is likely to have gandered some attention at some point in the average driver’s lifetime, even if just to avoid it going round the corner! Lincoln’s second SUV was a lot smaller and alot more suited for UK roads, in fact it did not look oversized at all – comparable to most mid-size SUV’s such as the Nissan Murano or Audi Q5’s. The Q5 is in fact one of the Lincoln’s most important rivals; the beset selling vehicle in the segment and one which tops the MKX on all fronts!

To be perfectly honest the lacklustre nature of the Lincoln is no surprise given the brand’s current mission of selling tarted up Fords; the Flex (which the MKX is based on) sells very well despite it’s advancing years, thanks to relatively striking looks and a frustrating yet advanced infotainment system – MyFordTouch. Lincoln added a fuglier grille, full width tail-lights and a slightly updated interior in order to justify it’s not insignificant premium over the mainstream model.

You can probably tell I’m not a massive fan of the MKX and that’s probably true; not because it’s a bad car, but more because there are much better competitors on the market which offer similar or better features, aesthetics and image for a similar price or less. The facelifted models look much better and are a little more competitive, but it will be the next generation car which will be crucial for Lincoln – judging by it’s new MKC (version of the Ford Kuga/Escape) things will be a little more bespoke at the very least!


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