News and Updates

Rather than writing several lengthy (and probably uninteresting) posts about all the things I have to talk about, it’s probably a little easier and quicker for everyone if I try to give occasional updates on things 🙂 This is just a trial though, hopefully I won’t end up writing several essays and shoving them into the same post!

Jobs and Cars:

Well I’ve finally heard back from the M&S graduate scheme and it wasn’t the best news…apparently I’d didn’t fulfill all their criteria and so won’t be offering me a place on the commercial scheme, something that is not only disappointing but also rather embarrassing. The job was by no means a dream one and although I am quite good at working in retail it has it’s fair share of negatives, but the fact I was pretty much spoon-fed what to do for the assessment day meant that I felt I had a very strong chance at getting the job. My manager told me that there were only 25 jobs this year (as opposed to 125 last year!) but I still feel that I should have been in the top 25 best candidates for one of those places! They have offered me the chance to become a section manager, but I am unimpressed so whilst I may begin that training I really need to get into a job where I can build a career.

Linked to this is my decision about cars, as whilst I may be able to afford to buy one of my more expensive choices, I won’t be earning enough to replenish my savings as fast as I’d hoped. Instead I think I will have to do the (relatively) sensible thing and choose a BMW X5 as my next car; it’s relatively affordable to buy and run and will provide me with all the kudos I really need a my age. It’s not a done deal by any means though, as an early second generation Mercedes ML would prove better for me I feel (it just needs to be cheap), or maybe something a little more exotic (see the next post!). Seeing as though my car seems to be on the road to ruin I think I need to make a decision sooner rather than later…

Sunshine & Motors:

the only image of the two cars I could find together and it’s at night?!

After a consistently rainy November-February, it now seems that the UK is in for a relatively nice weekend as the mornings start to get lighter and the days warmer it seems that the nation have gone crazy over the chance of a little sun. Already this week I have heard of somebody having a BBQ and have seen multiple people wearing shorts/skirts, I myself have admittedly taken to taking off my coat in the car and wearing sunglasses *shock horror* but those are more practical needs. However out with the sun come convertibles, as well as my imagination concerning buying one for weather such as we are having now; admittedly it’s still a little cold and I’m not sure I’d be brave enough to have the top down quite yet, but a convertible is potentially going to be a significantly cheaper car for me to buy or run EVEN with a performance engine. Something like an Audi A5 or a E90-generation BMW 3 Series convertible are much more modern cars than the original X5 and yet cost sparsely more, plus even a 6-cylinder version would probably cost less to fuel! Alternatively an E46 BMW 3 Series convertible can be had for well under £5k, with not much more needed to secure a car in excellent condition. However to get a decent A5/E90 might be more than I want to spend, and the faster E46’s are often more thirsty than the X5 plus of course none of them have anything resembling a practical boot or rear seat. They’re something to consider though I have to admit.

Coffee for Lazy People

I have a weird obsession with drive-thrus. Maybe it’s a result of my fascination with America and the way of life, but I see a trip to the drive-thru as more of an occasion than most people and quite sadly a trip to McDonalds in my new car (whatever that might be) is something I’m quite looking forward to…although admittedly I am a little scared I might scrape a bigger car! So imagine my excitement when I read that Starbucks UK was pushing forward with plans to launch 500 drive-thru stores across the country in the next couple of years; another sad confession but I enjoy drinking and driving…not alcohol obviously, but I relish driving home with a big sippy cup (even if I don’t have a cupholder in my car grr!) I don’t actually like coffee but I am sure I will indulge in a fruit frappe thing at some point if one comes to Enfield. Speaking of the town I live in, I would be very surprised if we did not get a Starbucks drive thru pretty soon seeing as though we already have a Krispy Kreme one AND a Boots pharmacy with a dedicated car lane, that’s in addition to the numerous McDonald’s/Burger Kings/KFC’s that we have in all of our retail parks; to some people I am sure this would seem like a nightmare but to me it’s my own personal slice of Americana 🙂

Big Cat’s visit to the vet’s

After nearly 20 years of production it has been confirmed that Jaguar will be discontinuing it’s XK model in favour of the smaller and newer F Type. I guess given the hype surrounding the launch of the new sporty Jag it is no real surprise that the XK, which has never been a huge seller and is now 8 years old, has been resigned to the scrap heap, at least temporarily. Positioned as a fancy GT and underneath it’s sportier Aston Martin Vantage twin, the XK has been a bit handicapped by it’s lack of size and efficient engines; cars like the BMW 6 series and Mercedes CL meet this brief to a fuller extent and even those don’t achieve huge sales figues, and the fact the XK has missed out on the talented TDV6 diesel marks a missed opportunity to win sales from those wishing to achieve over 20mpg. I suspect that once JLR has some more funds behind it and the Jaguar brand profitable once again, that we will see a more rounded grand tourer than the first two generations.

Over and out for now 🙂



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