Keeping it Brief

Just a quick update and a somewhat boastful one at that. So it’s been over three weeks since I purchased my X5 and today was my first real chance to take it for a motorway jaunt. Admittedly the trip to Lakeside is only a half-hour each way jobby but it still gave me chance to stretch the X’s legs and see just what she could do.

Well actually due to roadworks and typical M25 traffic I didn’t really push the car too far, but managed a few extended bits of 80mph speeds to compensate for the 50mph speed limit through the roadworks. I actually filled the car up from a third of a tank (for a fairly reasonable £78) and so I reset the ‘CONS1’ figure to give me a decent idea of  fuel consumption for a.) the motorway and b.) this second fill up. I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised to see an overall average (including to/from the M25) of 38.1mpg! And at some points I saw a high of 39.2mpg…a figure which is probably within a couple of mpg of what my old car would have done on the same journey.


I know that this figure will fall pretty damn quickly but it does mean that it’s pretty feasible that the car can be used on longer trips without too much financial penalty 🙂


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