Fitbits and Titbits

Apologies for not updating my blog as often as I’ve recently promised, but I thought I would swing by with a few updates about things I’ve been up to and those that have caught my eye in the last few days/weeks 🙂

FitBit Body: One of my most interesting recent acquisitions has been that of a FitBit, one of those fancy new exercise measurement bracelet things that has been taking America by storm over the past year or so. Essentially a pedometer which links to an iPhone app it counts the steps I do each day and by extension the calories I’ve burnt and distance I’ve traveled; it’s not an exact science by any means but it is rather interesting to keep a track on how active I am, plus the sleep-monitor function allows me to keep an eye on my sleeping patterns too. The FitBit is part of my current health kick which has seen me determined to improve my physique and stamina (both for self esteem/vanity and my decision to partake in the 2015 Brighton Marathon), which has also seen me going for longer regular runs – currently around 8.6 miles, and attempting to get back into doing arm and chest exercises with my weights at home. Ideally I need to join a gym sometime soon but I am at least going to buy some supplements soon in an attempt to somewhat fast track my quest for body beautiful.

Living with the X5:

I am still over the moon about my new car and am entirely confident I’ve made the right choice. The way my car drives is simply fantastic and is barely different from the Astra, and whilst I am still not quite at ease with the automatic gear box and sudden boost of the turbo, it is still pretty damn quick. I finally got some proper floor matts too – nothing fancy but smart enough and quite cheap; I’ve temporarily decided against buying a proper iPod connection set as my old FM transmitter works perfectly well for the time being. Once I have my personalised number-plate I will be well on the way to having the perfect machine on my driveway, although I do need to sort out the non-working washer jets for the xenon lights and rear window…apparently a common fault on X5’s and something which looks like an easy fix too. The unusual weather we are having would make the washers a handy fix, and have also resulted in the previously pristine black paintwork being covered in dirty marks. I am in a bit of a quandary about over how to get the car washed; I have always washed my own vehicles (both because of money and the fact I am most likely to take the best care of my property), but the X5 is so big it would take a lot more effort. I guess I wouldn’t mind taking it to somewhere professional but I would want a good compromise between value and quality…hard to find!

Katie Price:

Katie deals with stressful time by dressing like a rainbow

A bit of a change in topic now and onto a lady that the British love to hate and her latest marriage woes. Katie Price aka Jordan, the model turned entrepreneur whose love life always seems like something out of a a sitcom has again hit the headlines after she took to Twitter (where else) to reveal that her husband of 1 year had been cheating on her with her best friend. Most comments that I have read, both from journalists and the general public, are generally pretty scathing towards the way that she has chosen to air her dirty laundry in public and continually expose her children to the numerous men in her love life, but despite the mountain of reasons to agree, I always find it pretty hard to hate on Ms Price. I will admit that I have some strangely misplaced loyalty because a pre-fame Katie briefly dated my cousin, plus she is from and lives in Brighton – a city I will always have strong family roots with, but even disregarding these fickle reasons I really don’t believe she gets the poor press she receives (although I reckon Katie herself would not be pleased to hear that). What we have here is a self made multi-millionaire who consistently is in the public eye for doing not very much at all – and that’s precisely the secret of her success…I mean I am guessing that Katie had hoped that her announcement of a second pregnancy mere days before her second bombshell would sustain press interest for the foreseeable future, but a good broken hearted tale is always one guarenteed to gain some serious column inches, especially when it involves the betrayal of a 14-year friendship. Maybe I’m just being a little cynical and I’m sure there is a lot more to it than meets the eye, but hopefully next time she will marry somebody who she has known for more than 5 minutes.

BMW X6: Finally we have the long-awaited (by me at least) reveal of the second generation BMW X6. The original proved to be an incredibly divisive yet pretty popular model – the practicality of it’s X5 sibling swapped for a more distinctive shape and slightly sharper driving experience under the banner of a SAC (Sports Activity Coupe). The fact it was neither particularly sporty nor offered the space it’s large size might suggest meant that it got harsh reviews from those who saw it as an ugly, thirsty and needless addition to BMW’s line-up. However lots of buyers disagreed and saw it as an alternative to rivals like the Porsche Cayenne, Audi Q7 and of course BMW’s own X5, plus it has started to spawn direct rivals from the likes of Acura (Honda’s American luxury brand), Mercedes and possibly Audi. But given that a new generation of X5 was released last year it is no surprise that it’s sister model is gaining much of the same overhaul…and as with that car the results seem pretty mixed. Let’s start with the positives; the new car is lighter and with revised engines it means that fuel economy is up quite considerably, although it’s doubtful the base ’25d’ engine from the X5 will find it’s way into the X6. Inside the cabin is mostly shared with it’s more practical sister with a very sleek and easy to use dashboard, with a stand-up LCD monitor and newest generation of iDrive surrounded by improved materials and loads of hi-tech kit. In the rear there is still less space than the X5 but 3 seats are an option from the outset and there is still room for a decent amount of luggage. But while I’m sure that as a car the new X6 is a much better vehicle, the updated looks now lack that extra bit of sparkle for me; the overall shape has remained unchanged but there is now a lot of fussy detailing around the front and rear ends which just seems to make the car look a lot less aggressive than before. I have no doubt that the lure of the BMW badge will allow the X6 to continue it’s success, but as with the third generation X5 I am not sure that it’s a vehicle I will be looking to buy in years to come.


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