Room for one more?

Although it’s only been a few months since I finally purchased my new car (a vehicle I am very happy with by the way), my interest in cars means it is inevitable that sooner rather than later I am going to get a wandering eye. Well although that has already started to happen – of course the cars in question are SUV’s – but what I’ve also found attracting my eye are a couple of other cars…

The E46 BMW M3 is my favourite ever and has a place in my dream garage

If there was ever a car to make me turn my back on my love for 4×4’s it was going to be a mid 00’s BMW 3 Series Coupe (or more likely Convertible), and whilst I still hope to own one of those cars one day they are getting to be a little old and ropey for me to think about as a daily runner. Admittedly if I had my own house now (and more importantly the parking!) then finding a few grand for one of these classis Beemers wouldn’t be too much of a stretch of the imagination, but for the time being I am OK with shelving the idea for years to come.

The E90/92 (2006-2012) 3 Series is still an attractive car but looks a little flabby compared to it’s predacessor

But what about a more modern equivalent? Well the recently departed (and last ever) 3 Series Coupe was a very smart car but especially in Convertible guise it lacked a little of the clean/aggressive lines which made it’s predecessor such a timeless design. Whilst not quite as memorable as the BMW, I have recently started to recognise the handsome lines of the departing Mercedes C-Class Coupe as a potential rival for my future affections.

Clean and aggessive lines have made me a fan of the C Class Coupe

Now in terms of saloon design I’d probably call the previous generation C-Class as the best of a bad bunch; relatively aggressive lines paired with classy detailing translated well to the 2 door format and when combined with standard LED running lights and large alloy wheels it looks a fair bit better than alot of cars on the road. In white with AMG spec wheels is how I’ll take mine please!

A little boxy but still nice and modern

Inside it’s pretty much standard Mercedes-Benz fare which is both a good and bad thing. I’ve always found the last generation C Class a little staid inside thanks to the upright looking centre console and cheap looking plastic, but with the larger COMAND screen and classy dials it looks reasonably modern and of course feature packed. I’m relatively familiar with Merc’s of this vintage and although not perfect they are pretty easy to use and user friendly.

The C63 with these quad exhausts would be my preferred model (of course!)

I can’t really comment on how the Coupe handles on the road but it’s safe to say that whilst the ride is going to be a lot firmer (and lower!) handling is going to be more planted, sharper and generally more fun. There are a wide range of engines available under the bonnet although most are diesel; 2 versions of a 2.1L 4-cylinder (called the C180 and C220) and also a 3L V6 diesel called the C350. Petrol lovers can grab either a 1.8L Supercharged C180K or a stomping 6.3L V8 C63 AMG which comes with over 400bhp! If it were me I would probably plump for the juicier diesel with the 7 speed auto gearbox…but in a dream world the C63 would be sat alongside any future SUV on my driveway.


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