Winter Wisdom

Apologies for being away from the blog for a few weeks – it’s been a pretty busy time in the Wright household with my aunt and uncle visiting from Cyprus and work for me getting tiring (M&S gets a little crazy at this time of year and I’ve been starting at 4am most days in order to escape the rush as early as possible!). That said I have managed to find time to sort out a few mishaps I’ve experienced…

Cardboard numberplates are definately not the look

Cardboard numberplates are definately not the look

Thankfully I plucked up the courage to get the dents in my bonnet sorted – I am dropping it off this upcoming Tuesday and will have to cope without it for a few days whilst the work is being carried out, my local certified bodyshop agreed to do it for cash price too so that’s an extra £100 or so in my Mum’s pocket (as it was her roof that damaged the car she kindly agreed to pay). I also had to sort an issue that cropped up on a weekend jaunt up to the Christmas Markets in Birmingham, or rather one that dropped off as my rear numberplate decided to jump ship somewhere between North London and Solihull! Admittedly this particular plate was only stuck on with sticky pads and over the summer the Sun’s heat had caused the glue to melt/plate to fall off when parked on my driveway; but I must admit I was panicked and surprised when it fell off on a freezing December morning. Thankfully a piece of cardboard and some marker pen tided me over until I was able to get to Halfords with my V5C and get a proper screwed on plate, and now I know how to get one produced I will be fine getting a personalised one made up in the New Year (a backdated 21st birthday present!).


This is what I’ve ended up breaking 😦

I have to admit though that despite these minor car-related feats I also caused a little bit of a problem with my stubborness and impatient nature; ever since I have owned the car the rear washer pump has not worked, and with the road conditions being so foul at the moment I thought I’d swap over the rarely used headlight washer pump with the rear one in order to get a cheap fix. However my reluctance to unbolt the fluid holder itself (which would have allowed me to see that the two pumps were different anyway), meant that I actually snapped off the connection inside the hose leading to the headlights…I’ve ordered a replacement but I’m yet to see if my little tantrum will mean a more expensive outlay than just the £16 part!

This is all I’m going to update you with now on the car front, but I’ll be writing another post for today/tomorrow on another topic 🙂


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