An adventure 65 million (and 22) years in the making

I had been saving the title of this blog post for a little later in this year when the fourth Jurassic Park film (known as Jurassic World) is due to be released, but whilst I will still likely be queuing up at 12am for the first showing of the film I found myself immersed in my old habit of reading about the Jurassic Park series of films and books (and simultaneously watching the second film!). Initially I had been very wary of the limited details which had emerged around Jurassic World and even after the first trailer came out late last year I was still not convinced that the film would do credit to the immense original and it’s enjoyable sequels.

No scene is going to beat this in my mind, ever.

For those of you who have been living under a rock for the past 22 years (and believe me I have met some!) the original Jurassic Park film tells the tale of an ill-fated theme park set up by a biotech firm off the coast of Costa Rica. The park is inhabited by genetically engineered dinosaurs and after a few incidents during construction a small group of scientists are invited to view the island before opening, but the reliance on computer systems and greed of one of the park’s technicians leads to the dinosaurs escaping and generally causing havoc/death until the survivors can contact the mainland and be rescued by helicopter. Given how obsessed I was by this film as a child and the fact that those were the days when children played with toys and their imagination as opposed to game consoles it is probably not that surprising that I often ‘played out’ the film with various toys and added my own spin to things.

The Lost World was another good film and was also directed by Spielberg – hopefully his involvement in the new film will pay off too

I’ve already said how I enjoyed the sequel films and indeed the first sequel (The Lost World) also remains a firm favourite of mine, but it was that idea of chaos in a controlled environment which really pulled me into the original film (the book too) and it was this I used to play out with my toys all those years ago. Now with more plot details being released about the new Jurassic World film it seems that somebody else also found it appealing and has turned some of my childhood dreams into reality with a vision of how a fully functioning park would be and how this could again be subjected to peril despite lessons being learnt from the past. Some of the details I have read go a long way to convincing me that there are some serious hard-core fans of the original involved in the production of this new film and that really makes me a lot more excited for June and the film’s release date.

Jurassic World Theme Park 620x370 Jurassic World Trailer: Welcome Back to Jurassic Park

Can anyone spy the G-Wagen in the background? Me likey!

Apologies if this most feels a little half-formed but I’ve decided to hold back on doing what I do with most of my car reviews and end up talking at length about something that I’ve not fully experienced. Given that there is only now 3 months until I will get to watch the film in it’s entirety I think it’s best to wait to pass full judgement until then, but yeah here’s hoping it will be as good as I hope!


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